Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Earthborn Holistic EarthBites - chewy.com Product Review

This month, we tried Earthborn Holistic EarthBites from chewy.com. EarthBites are moist dog treats made with natural ingredients, and they are grain-free and gluten-free.

Earthborn Holistic EarthBites
We got the peanut flavor, and the ingredients include peanuts (first ingredient), veggies, fruits, and vitamins and minerals. The treats also contain Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, which is always a nice bonus.

They also contain cane molasses, honey and maple syrup, which seems like an excessive use of sweeteners to me. Plus, the sugars are pretty high up on the list of ingredients (#3: cane molasses, #7: honey, #8: maple syrup). For a brand claiming to be all about healthy dog food, this seems a bit unhealthy. They probably taste like candy!

The treats are shaped like tiny little logs, like the pellets that you feed farm animals...but these are soft and moist. I think they smell a little weird, but Chewy seems to like the scent. Each treat is about an inch long, so I would break them apart if using as a training treat.

Chewy gobbled the treats right up, so he sure loves the taste! I bet all those sugars helped with that, though.

For me?


While Chewy loved these treats, I did not love the fact that they contain so many added sweeteners. I will be feeding him the rest of the bag sparingly. Nevertheless, I do appreciate Earthborn's commitment to using natural ingredients in their products.

Disclaimer: We received a free bag of Earthborn Holistic EarthBites Dog Treats in Peanut Flavor from chewy.com for review purposes as part of the chewy.com Blogger Program. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Everything is a Bed for Chewy


Sorry the blog has been so inactive lately. Chewy and I have been busy...and lazy...but we are back! Chewy turned FIVE years old last month. His face is getting whiter, with some sporadic old man hairs that are longer than the rest. But he is still just as happy and energetic as before, and has been up to his usual silly shenanigans. Which brings us to today's topic: how Chewy views every flat or cushioned thing as a bed. 

Chewy has a variety of dog beds scattered throughout our house, and he sure knows how to utilize them:

The Chewy bed in the living room- so comfy.
A smaller version in my bedroom

An elevated Coolaroo bed in the home office- it's like a dog-sized hammock,
and perfect for mid-day naps.

A Snoozzy crate pad that chewy.com accidentally sent us instead of the toy I ordered
(They let us keep it and also speedily sent us the toy. We love chewy.com!)

A bolstered cooling bed (Chewy was settling in before I even got a chance to unwrap it!)

This new bolster bed that hadn't been unpacked/decompressed yet.
Chewy's face: "Please open this for me"

Lying on dog bed filling while the cover was in the wash
Then there are people beds. Chewy doesn't usually get on the beds at home because they're quite high and require a running start, plus he doesn't like to be hot. But he'll test beds every now and then:

Resting at a vacation cabin with a mini-Chewy from L.L.Bean

My air mattress when we had an abundance of overnight guests
And couches! Chewy loves couches. This love-seat is his favorite:

Mats are good too:
Yoga mats: notice how he occupies both of them,
even though I meant to have one for me and one for him

Doormat (+ rainboots for snuggling)

Then there are the things that are not beds or cushions or mats, but when Chewy sees them on the floor, he pounces on the opportunity:

I was trying to pin this window curtain so I could shorten it, but Chewy happened.
I had to pick up all the pins at lightning speed when I saw Chewy incoming!

I was measuring/cutting row cover fabric to keep bugs from
eating my veggie plants, but again, a Chewy!

Trying to fold up the row covers after they were no longer needed,
but Chewy! And with the audacity to ask for belly rubs (which he got, of course).

Folded up paper that came in a package = comfy?

Chewy sure can be adaptive!! And he always looks like he's thinking, "Ahhh, this is good" when he lies down on my stuff. It sure is good to be a Chewy!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

ACANA Mackerel & Greens Dog Treats - chewy.com Product Review

This month, our chewy.com product review is of ACANA Mackerel & Greens Dog Treats. It is part of ACANA's "Singles" line, which uses a single animal protein and limited ingredients for each formula. This is great for dogs with food sensitivities and for pup parents who want to feed wholesome foods.
ACANA Mackerel & Greens Dog Treats
The Mackerel & Greens recipe contains just 4 ingredients: wild-caught New England mackerel, spinach, sarsaparilla root, and mixed tocopherols (preservative). Together, they provide omega-3s for healthy skin and coat, and digestive support.

I like that they are made in the USA (in Kentucky) from fresh, regional ingredients. 

This treat bag has the coolest easy-open feature ever! You pull on a string that has a convenient little tab at the beginning, and you get a perfectly opened bag. No wonky edges, no need to get the scissors when you rip too high up, and no risk of cutting too close to the resealable zipper.

Pull string to unseal bag
The treats are chunky little nuggets, and the freeze-dried nature of the treat gives it a powdery feeling. They crumble if you try to break them apart, so I just feed them whole. Although they have a slight fishy smell, it is not overpowering or unpleasant.

Freeze-dried treat nuggets
Chewy was excited to try them, of course. He was very interested in the little pouch of treats from the moment it arrived, sniffing insistently.

Gonna eat it!
The treats passed the Chewy test. No surprise there, right? It's that Golden appetite!
 These treats get high marks from us!
Just gonna help myself to a few more!

Disclaimer: We received a free 1.25 oz. bag of ACANA Mackerel & Greens Dog Treats from chewy.com for review purposes as part of the chewy.com Blogger Program. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Pet Dental Health Month: Barkworthies Brushers - Product Review

February is Pet Dental Health Month! Like with humans, oral health is very important for dogs because serious dental problems can lead to additional health concerns. For more information on pet dental care, see the American Veterinary Medical Association's suggestions here.

There are numerous products marketed for dog dental health, such as edible chews, textured nylon chews, rope toys, and textured rubber toys. We recently got to try a new dental product, Barkworthies Brushers.

Barkworthies Brushers
I love the Barkworthies brand because all of their products are fully digestible and free of additives, chemicals and preservatives. Feeding healthier treats and chews means a healthier pet, and a healthier pet is happier and lives longer!

Barkworthies Brushers are 100% organic twigs made from branches of the East Indies Arrack tree. They release an antibiotic when chewed that helps to suppress both the growth of bacteria and the formation of plaque. They also contain minerals (potassium, sodium, chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and calcium oxides) that help strengthen tooth enamel. Their parallel bristle-like nature works like dental floss to clean between teeth. As a bonus for the environment, they are sustainably harvested! People in the regions where these trees are found have traditionally used such twigs to clean their own teeth (look up "miswak" for more info).

Preliminary taste test
The twigs have a strange odor to them, kind of like strong body odor with a hint of acidity. While I thought they stank, Chewy did not mind at all, and got right to work chewing on the ends. When chewed open, the inside of the twig has bristle-like fibers. Chewy enjoyed breaking off little pieces and then chewing them further, before spitting out some bits. The fibers are very soft so I did not worry about splinters, making them a nice alternative to regular sticks!

Bristle-like fibers
I like that Chewy uses all of his teeth while chewing on the Brushers. With regular dental treats, he only chews with his back teeth, but with the Brushers, he works the pieces around his whole mouth before eventually spitting out most of it. It's a very messy process!

Chew, spit, repeat!
Chewy makes these happy chewing faces while he chews on the Brushers. It could be that that's just how his face is when he opens his mouth (Goldens often look like they're smiling), but I detect some distinctly upturned mouth corners!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Twinning with Gosig Golden

Last year, I shared how Chewy often leaves his favorite stuffie, the Gosig Golden soft toy from IKEA, lying around in life-like positions. A year later, it's still his favorite toy, and I still catch them "twinning" all the time!

On the couch

On the dog bed

In the car

Settling down for a nap

With a toy at their feet
I wonder if Chewy recognizes that his stuffie looks like him!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Weruva Blue Water Whitefish Freeze-Dried Treats - chewy.com Product Review

This month we received Weruva Blue Water Whitefish Freeze-Dried Treats from chewy.com. With just one ingredient, boneless whitefish filet from the UK, they can be fed to both cats and dogs.

Weruva Blue Water Whitefish Freeze-Dried Treats
The treats come in a little cardboard tube meant for "easy storage," but I found it a bit difficult to open and close because the cap is pretty tight. The packaging is not air-tight, so there is definitely a fishy smell if you hold it close to your face.

Naturally, Chewy thought they smelled great and even helped himself to a few treats straight from the package. That was out of character for him, but I guess the open tube looked like a welcoming platter!

Don't mind if I do!
They are decent-sized treats, feel very light and airy, and are quite smelly. They tend to crumble a little bit if you break them apart into smaller bits, but Chewy is always happy to clean up any mess.

Freeze-dried fish cubes
Eating too much whitefish gives Chewy the runs, but a couple of treats a day has been okay. He hoovers them right up!

Disclaimer: We received a free tube of Weruva Blue Water Whitefish Freeze-Dried Treats from chewy.com for review purposes as part of the chewy.com Blogger Program. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post, and all opinions shared above are our own.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stop Working and Play with Chewy?

When I am working at my computer, this is what Chewy is usually doing:

He has a bed right next to my desk, and there's typically a supply of chew things nearby to keep him occupied (when he's not napping).

But every few hours, he decides I need to get up and play with him. That's when he starts bringing all the toys!

Fancy a game of tug?
If I don't get out of my chair, he comes back a couple minutes later with something else.

Come chase me and elf!
One of his favorite games is keep-away. Once he's got my attention, he bolts away and expects to be chased. If I don't follow him, he'll be back again, probably with something else!

Would you like a squirrel?
 Sometimes he brings multiple options:

One for me, one for you? Just kidding, they're both for me!
And if he wasn't done playing yet when I went back to work, sometimes he ups his game:

TWO squeaky carrots is better than one!

He is definitely a great motivator to get off the computer from time to time to give my eyes a rest and get blood flowing through my legs. Another reason why dogs are good for your health!